1998 Conferences

1st CACR Information Security Workshop

John Wankmueller, MasterCard International

Security issues and implementation challenges related to cardholder verification methods used in cardholder controlled devices for remote services.

The discussion will identify and clarify the security questions and business issues related to user entered verification methods such as PIN at PC keyboard which is then sent securely to the PIN issuer, or to a local smart card, or even a biometric verified by a local device. This would be a challenge to the community to 1) delineate the security risks 2) propose techniques and 3) apply innovative technology that substantially mitigates those risks.

Speaker Bio
John Wankmueller is Principal/Electronic Commerce at MasterCard International, a global payments franchise company. He is responsible for identifying/designing and implementing MasterCard's electronic commerce infrastructure.

John is currently working full-time on the development of IC Chip card standards for credit, debit and purse products. Previously John was MasterCard's principal designer of SET (Secure Electronic Transaction), a jointly developed industry-wide standard which protects credit and debit card purchases over open public networks like the Internet.

John joined MasterCard in 1991 as Director/Software engineering responsible for building credit card system software for international member banks. In 1993, John accepted the position of Director/Technology Assessment responsible for the identification and assessment of emerging technologies relevant to MasterCard's strategic needs. In this position, John helped develop MasterCard's Intergrated Chip (smart) card business plan which will incorporate IC Chip technology in all of its products. John also set up MasterCard's first centralized neural network fraud detection technology project.

Prior to joining MasterCard, Mr. John Wankmueller was a staff member in AT&T's research and development area. At AT&T from 1978 through 1991, John held various positions from computer programmer to system designer and a number of technical and managerial positions of increasing responsibility related to application software development within AT&T's engineering, sales, and marketing departments.

From 1971 through 1978, John worked in the academic community teaching mathematics and computer classes at the secondary and university levels as a fully tenured mathematics teacher in the New York City public schools and as a permanently certified mathematics teacher in New York State.

Mr. Wankmueller, who received a Bachelors in Mathematics from Fordham University New York, and a Masters from New York University, currently lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and two children.