1999 Conferences

3rd CACR Information Security Workshop

Jonathan Callas, Kroll-O'Gara Information Security Group

The OpenPGP Standard for Certificates and Secure Messages

OpenPGP is an IETF initiative for certificates and secure messages built upon the foundations laid by Phil Zimmermann's PGP system. It is small, lightweight and flexible. This talk describes the history of OpenPGP, how it is like and different from PGP. The talk also covers how OpenPGP differs from X.509, and most importantly, how it is more similar than most people think.

Speaker Bio
Jonathan Callas a Senior Consultant for the Information Security Group of Kroll-O'Gara. He has worked in computer security for over ten years, ranging from operating system security to network security to cryptography. He is co-author and editor of the IETF's OpenPGP-Formats specification, RFC 2440. He is also the inventor of a language-independent password generator, and a design system for cryptographic random number generators. Before joining Kroll-O'Gara, he was CTO for the Total Network Security division of Network Associates, Chief Scientist at PGP, Inc. He was founder of his own company, World Benders, which developed collaboration tools for the Internet. He also worked for Apple Computer as a Senior Scientist, and DEC for many years as a Principal Software Engineer on the VMS operating system.