1999 Conferences

3rd CACR Information Security Workshop

Patrick Richard, Xcert International, Inc.

Extending Attribute Protocols for Status Management and "Other Things"


Speaker Bio
Founder of Xcert International, Inc. and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Richard is the architect of the Xcert Universal Directory API (XUDA) and leads Xcert's core development team. Mr. Richard has worked on distributed messaging technologies at Northern Telecom and Microsoft. In 1994 Mr. Richard founded Whistler Networks, the first commercial Internet community in British Columbia. This company was successful in wiring the largest ski resort in North America to the Internet, integrating a variety of groundbreaking web-based sales, purchasing and reservation systems with the existing back-end legacy systems of local businesses.

Mr. Richard has pioneered the integration of public key cryptography with directory technologies on the Internet. Mr. Richard developed the first web-based certificate authority (CA) and created the first public website to use client authentication using digital certificates. Mr. Richard is an active member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He participates in several related IETF working groups including PKIX, CAT, TLS and ASID, and has co-authored a number of working group drafts.