1999 Conferences

3rd CACR Information Security Workshop

Lynn Wheeler, First Data Corporation

Account Authority Digital Signature and X9.59 Payment Standard

X9.59 is a draft standard by the X9 ANSI financial standards organization for all account-based payments. The original business requirements was to establish a standard that would preserve the integrity of the financial infrastructure with just the use of a digital signature. AADS is a method of upgrading existing account-based authentication business processes to digital signature authentication without necessarily mandating a corresponding certificate infrastructure. AADS effort has also concentrated on identifying the optimal technologies for integrating into existing business process for maximum benefit/cost ratio.

Speaker Bio
Lynn Wheeler has worked in the computing industry for over 30 years, mostly designing and developing high performance and high integrity business processes. He has been with First Data Corporation for five years where one of his first tasks was working with major browser and web server vendors in development of support for electronic commerce. Previously, he and his wife were responsible for the operation that produced High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing product, the associated distributed lock manager for high performance database cluster operation and the early work on Fiber-Channel Scaleup (starting with 128-way processors). He and his wife were the red-team for both NSFNET1 and NSFNET2 (having produced and operated their own high-performance backbone) In the 70s, he did original work on performance, capacity planning and produced the Resource Manager product commonly referred to as the Wheeler Scheduler.