1999 Conferences

2nd CACR Information Security Workshop

Peter Freund, Certco

Requirements for a Public Key Trust Infrastructure to Support Business to Business Transactions

This presentation will address the role of financial institutions in establishing a trust infrastructure to support business-to-business electronic commerce. The focus is on how to enable generalized, high value, global, stranger-to-stranger transactions over insecure public networks like the Internet.

Speaker Bio
Mr. Freund is chairman and founder of CertCo Inc., established in 1996. He drives CertCo's innovative technology that enables financial institutions to offer essential trust infrastructure services to support high-value electronic commerce.

Prior to founding CertCo, Freund was a Senior Managing Director with Bankers Trust where he managed various risk books for Bankers Trust's derivative businesses, including those for over-the-counter currency options; European interest rates; US treasuries, tax-exempts and mortgages; and commodities. In 1991, Freund invented the credit derivatives business. He founded and ran a group at Bankers Trust for three years. In 1994, after working as a strategist for BT's Chairman for six months, Peter left to head a new area group called Bankers Trust Electronic Commerce, which became CertCo.

Before joining Bankers Trust, Freund spent 10 years at Goldman Sachs & Co., the first seven years working in Public Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions, and the last three working on the trading floor. Freund founded Goldman's highly successful OTC fixed income options trading business, which included US treasuries, mortgages, and foreign government bonds.

Freund personally funded LongView Technologies, which built state-of-the-art virtual machines, for both SmallTalk and Java. Both implementations far exceeded the performance of any competitive product. In February 1997, Sun Microsystems bought LongView. LongView's 'HotSpot' Java compiler and garbage collection technology are at the center of the much-anticipated new Java virtual machine, to be released by Sun quite soon.

Freund, age 47, has a BS, EE from MIT, and a JD from the Georgetown University Law Center.