1999 Conferences

2nd CACR Information Security Workshop

Tom Greco, ABA

ABAecom - Enabling E-Commerce Opportunities for the Financial Services Industry

My presentation will discuss the reasons ABAecom was established, the Digital Certificate and PKI strategies we are pursuing, our relationship with Digital Signature Trust Company, and the projects we have underway (including the Policy Advisory committee and our involvement with Entrust Worldwide).

Speaker Bio
Thomas J. Greco presently serves as the President for the American Bankers Association's electronic commerce subsidiary, ABAecom. In his duties with ABAecom, Mr. Greco will be developing and promoting various electronic commerce opportunities for the Financial Services Industry. In particular, ABAecom focuses on preserving and enhancing the role of the financial community in an on-line world. This will include the involvement of banks as trusted entities using digital certificate technology to vouch for the electronic identity of businesses and individuals.

Mr. Greco previously was the Associate General Counsel for ABA and is an expert on the Uniform Commercial Code and payment system legal issues. He is the representative to the Advisory Group for the Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) and staffed the Association's Payment System Task Force. That group issued a report in September 1996 on the role of banks in the payments system of the future and specifically recommended that the Association consider being an issuer of digital certificates.

Mr. Greco received his BA from University of Maryland, Magna Cum Laude, and JD from the Catholic University of America.