1999 Conferences

4th CACR Information Security Workshop

Steve Booth, Communications Security Establishment

Introduction to Common Criteria/Common Methodology

Steve will cover the following topics in his presentation:

  • Overview of the CC project including a bit of history and the key players.
  • Current status of the CC (and the Common Evaluation Methodology).
  • Description of the CC Mutual Recognition Arrangement and its implications.
  • High level Description of the CC itself - how it is structured.
  • Description of the Canadian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification Scheme.

Speaker Bio
Steve is Manager of the Computer and System Security Section at CSE (Communications Security Establishment ). One of his main areas of responsibility is as Head of the Certification Body (CB) of the Canadian Common Criteria Evalutation and Certification Scheme, the organization that provides oversight to the commercial evaluation facilities in Canada.

Steve has been at CSE for more than 10 years in various roles in the ITS part of the organization. He has also worked for CSIS and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited as part of his 30 year government career.