2000 Conferences

5th CACR Information Security Workshop

John Kennedy, Certicom Corp.

MobileTrust: PKI Services for Mobile and Wireless Systems

In January of this year, Certicom Corporation announced a new public-key infrastructure (PKI) service and product initiative called MobileTrust that is tailored to the unique needs of the mobile and wireless computing markets. At the core of MobileTrust is a standards-compliant ECC certificate authority (CA) service designed to support customers who want a managed certificate service to support mobile e-commerce and enterprise users. The MobileTrust CA is being built to support a wide range of customer-administered registration authority (RA) subsystems to address unique registration models and business process integration requirements. The use of the MobileTrust system will be supported on both server and mobile client platforms with a variety of end-entity and relying party software components to realize complete certificate life-cycle management and linkage into industry-standard security protocols. This talk will present an overview of the MobileTrust system and its supporting software components and will discuss some of the unique challenges it is designed to address.

Speaker Bio
Mr. John C. Kennedy is Director of Product Marketing for PKI Products at Certicom Corporation. Mr. Kennedy was previously Chief Technology Officer for Trustpoint, a PKI technology company acquired by Certicom in January, 2000.

Mr. Kennedy is a veteran of the information and network security business with fifteen years of experience designing and developing public-key cryptographic systems for financial, government, and corporate application environments. Prior to his association with Certicom and Trustpoint, Mr. Kennedy ran a successful information security consulting practice for two years. From 1996 to 1998 he was the Cryptographic Systems Architect for Novell's Network Security Division contributing technical leadership to Novell's security protocol and directory-enhanced public-key infrastructure work. From 1989 to 1996 he was a systems architect and senior engineering program manager for Cylink Corporation. While at Cylink Mr. Kennedy conducted and managed R&D work in advanced public-key chip development, key management, and digital signature techniques. Mr. Kennedy is a long-time participant in industry standards groups and has authored and edited ANSI, IEEE, and IETF security standards. John has been an invited speaker on public-key technology at the RSA Data Security Conference, the Card/Tech SecureTech Conference, and Stanford University. John holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer the University of California at Santa Barbara.