2000 Conferences

5th CACR Information Security Workshop

Herb Little, Research in Motion

Why Wireless is Different

With the advent of small powerful mobile computers, and the ubiquitous coverage of wireless networks, the promise of anytime, anywhere computing is dawning. But wireless networks differ dramatically from their wired cousins in terms of error rates, bandwidth, and latency. In addition, mobile devices typically offer a battery powered, constrained processing environment. These limitations should not be ignored by application developers.

Speaker Bio
Herb received a B.Math. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in 1990. He is Director of Wireless Security, and a software designer for Research In Motion. His responsibilities have included designing and implementing wireless transport protocols, compression protocols, and security protocols. His work has been incorporated into the RIM BlackBerry Handheld, the RIM Inter@ctive Pager 950/850/900/800, the Ericsson Mobidem and other products.