2000 Conferences

5th CACR Information Security Workshop

Ron Vandergeest, Entrust Technologies

Converging Technologies: Internet Appliances and Wireless PKI

The new frontier for accessing Internet-based content and services is via mobile, wireless devices such as digital cell-phones and palmtop computers. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) provides a suite of communications and security protocols meant to allow constrained wireless devices to gain access to the same types of services as are currently available through desktop browsers.

This presentation begins with an overview of WAP, with a focus on the protocols and mechanisms which enable secure transactions to be performed from the wireless device through to the desired Internet sites. This is followed by an exploration of Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI) initiatives, and how existing PKI technologies are being extended and adapted to meet the enrollment, personalization and useage needs specific to the unique and constrained environment of Internet Appliances. Special attention is given to wireless e-commerce applications such as banking, brokerage services, and shopping.

Speaker Bio
Ron Vandergeest leads the team responsible for the development of security products and services for Internet Appliances, such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) phones, palm-top computers and smart-pagers.

Mr. Vandergeest joined the Entrust team after nine years with Bell Northern Reseach and Nortel. During this period, he held a number of engineering positions, ranging from ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design, to leadership of a team responsible for high-speed disaster recovery of Nortel's CCS7 (Common Channel Signalling #7) products.

Mr. Vandergeest received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Carleton University, in 1985.