2001 Conferences

8th CACR Information Security Workshop
2nd Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Peter Hope-Tindall
Technical Director and Chief Privacy Architect
DataPrivacy Partners Ltd.

Managing Privacy & Security Risks Through Architecture Design

To a greater degree, organizations are moving towards an integrated architecture approach to IT development. This allows for the leveraging of existing resources and infrastructure while maintaining a standardized development approach.

In a complex and integrated architecture, it is often difficult to understand the points of privacy interaction and sensitivity. We will discuss the use of five discreet 'privacy services' as elemental building blocks to an integrated logical architecture.

This discussion will include not only the use of these services as privacy enhancing and corrective, but also their application as a diagnostic framework for privacy sensitivity.

Speaker Bio
Mr. Hope-Tindall is Technical Director and Chief privacy Architect of DataPrivacy Partners Ltd., one of Canada's leading privacy consulting firms. Formerly, he was special advisor to the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario for biometrics and cryptography where he conducted privacy audits and assessments and monitored the development of large government systems having a significant privacy component. Mr. Hope-Tindall also represented the province of Ontario at Industry Canada's 1998 encryption policy roundtable from which the template for Canada's National Encryption Policy arose.

Mr. Hope-Tindall's background includes systems architecture, computer security, database design, telecommunications, EDI and public policy. Recently, he has completed the pre-implementation review of a 50,000+ certificate PKI infrastructure, assisted a major Canadian high tech company to develop a commercially viable privacy strategy and policy framework and evaluated the systems architecture and privacy design of a proposed major biometric and cryptographic public service delivery system.

Mr. Hope-Tindall is presently providing Privacy Architect services to the Ontario Smart Card Project.