2001 Conferences

8th CACR Information Security Workshop
2nd Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Tarun Khandelwal
Security Specialist, Tivoli, an IBM Company

Breakout A: Panel: Latest developments in privacy and security technology

With the explosion of the Internet and a tremendous growth of information systems technology, businesses everywhere are collecting tremendous amounts of information about their users. Knowing the habits of Web visitors, what they like, how they browse, who they are, and their demographic information enables companies to target advertising and tailor screen views for individual visitors based on each visitor's past patterns, personal habits, and personal preferences. At no time like the present, and inevitably the future, have individual privacy concerns been of greater importance. The success of e-Business and e-Commerce enterprises will undoubtedly be determined by how they address these privacy issues and how far they go beyond adhering to emerging privacy legislation.

This presentation provides an overview on how privacy differs from information security and then goes on to look at what technology IBM and Tivoli are developing and implementing for customers to meet these privacy challenges. The presentation considers some of the technical challenges faced in setting out to develop technology tools that address privacy concerns with respect to government legislation and corporate privacy policies.

Speaker Bio
Tarun Khandelwal is a Security Specialist with the Tivoli Systems Group of IBM Canada Ltd. He has been with IBM for over five years and has been working with Canadian customers on networking and security. In his current role Tarun is working with Canadian customers including governments, financial institutions and large and mid size enterprises on building their security infrastructure as part of their eBusiness architecture. As part of security and privacy initiatives, he has been working with customers on their privacy initiatives and how IBM software technology can help customers meet privacy legislative requirements. Tarun has also been working with IBM/Tivoli product architects on scoping and defining customer requirements for Tivoli Privacy Manager product enhancements.

Tarun Khandelwal is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Bachelor of Applied Sciences - Systems Design Engineering.