2001 Conferences

8th CACR Information Security Workshop
2nd Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Marc Levine
Senior Product Manager,
Martus Project, Benetech

Applications of Privacy Technology: Protecting Human Rights and Consumer Privacy
PowerPoint presentation.

Most grassroots organizations focus on the development of one central asset: Information about the human rights violations they are organized to combat. Like any industry sector where data is the product, human rights monitors and activists must have dependable, secure systems in place for the collection, storage, and retrieval of raw data.

Martus will develop, market, and implement open source technology tools to assist the human rights sector in the collection, safeguarding, organization and dissemination of information about human rights violations. Martus will bring the power of technology to the field by placing simple yet powerful tools into the hands of the human rights defenders around the globe. With the Martus system, documentation of human rights violations will be safeguarded with encryption and disseminated, accelerating response to violations, and in some cases preventing additional abuses.

Speaker Bio
Before coming to Benetech, Marc Levine served as an international trade consultant for Atid EDI, a consortium of state trade offices, including California, Pennsylvania and Georgia, in Jerusalem, Israel. Prior, he established the Office of Alumni Relations at the Naval Postgraduate School where he earned an MA in National Security Affairs. In college, Marc was Chairman of the California State Student Association and President of Associated Students at California State University, Northridge where he studied Political Science.