2001 Conferences

8th CACR Information Security Workshop
2nd Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Ron Ross
President, JetNet

The Challenges of Turning a Security Company into a Privacy & Security Company
PowerPoint presentation.

Privacy has now joined that of security as one of the two most critical challenges facing the overwhelming expectations of e-Business and the Internet. The need to strike an acceptable balance between the privacy rights of individuals and the requirements of businesses to collect, use and exploit personal information will require organizations to completely rethink their business practices, their organizational frameworks, and their technology infrastructures.

Privacy has been a key topic on the agenda of virtually all government bodies of the industrial nations for at least the last decade. Most of these nations are now in process of drafting or passing legislation to protect the privacy of personal information.

Enterprises must now move quickly to understand the implications of the new legislations and implement policies and processes to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations with respect to the personal information they require and use. They must make informed strategic decisions one of which is partnering with reliable and credible organizations that specialize in managing the security and privacy of an organization's personal information.

Managed Security Services Providers are well suited to out-tasking the privacy function of an enterprise. These companies already provide the necessary safeguards for protecting access to corporate data, including the existing databases of personal information. In addition, they understand the requirements for managing and mitigating risk, monitoring and auditing processes, and establishing and enforcing policies.

Speaker's Bio
As President and Chief Executive Officer of JETNET, Ronald is responsible for establishing JETNET as a "first mover" in the category of Managed Security Services. Under his guidance, JETNET successfully completed two rounds of financing and has grown from a group of core founders to an organization that is in multiple cities serving multiple customers. Under his direction JETNET has been referred to as the "Pioneers" of Managed Security Services.

Prior to joining JETNET, Ronald held senior level positions with several companies, including JetForm Corporation, where he served as Director of Technology and was responsible for the design and building of the worldwide network and application services which allowed the company to harness the power of the Internet for worldwide connectivity.

At SHL System House, he served as Director of Software Development Environment, where he was responsible for supporting the application development environment for a team of 300 developers building secure applications for the telecommunication industry.

Ronald has an Honors degree from the University of Alberta in Computers and Business Data Processing and a degree program in Environmental Science. In addition, Ronald has held accreditation from the Canadian Information Processing Society for the last 12 years as an Information System Professional (I.S.P.).