2001 Conferences

7th CACR Information Security Workshop

Perry Luzwick, Logicon, a Northrop Grumman Corporation

Thoughts for consideration regarding protecting and securing information environment

When decomposed, the information environment is quite large. It includes information (i.e., data, information, and knowledge) within a business, and also information with those who must interact with that business. Any disruption in the information environments components will cause operational degradation, even a loss of operations, resulting in repercussions across the enterprise. A full spectrum approach embracing many disciplines is necessary to counter the threats arrayed against the information environment.

Coherent Knowledge-based Operations (CKO) is a coherent and synchronized approach for embracing how a business operates, the management of its intellectual property, and the capabilities needed to attempt to control the information environment is necessary. Additionally, CKO is linked with a model using a rigorous approach to assist managers for defining, budgeting, and operating the means to control the information environment.

Speaker's Bio
Perry Luzwick is Director, Information Assurance Architectures at Logicon, a Northrop Grumman company. He is a senior consultant throughout the corporation for Information Operations, Information Assurance, Information Superiority, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Knowledge Management projects from conceptualization through design and implementation.

Perry retired from the United States Air Force as a lieutenant colonel. While on active duty, he served as Military Assistant to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (ASD(C3I)). Other assignments included serving as Deputy Director , Defensive Information Operations, Information Operations Strategy and Integration Directorate, ASD(C3I); Chief, Information Assurance Architecture, Directorate for Engineering and Interoperability, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); Deputy Chief, Current Operations and Chief, Operations and Information Warfare Integration, Operations Directorate, DISA; Information Assurance Action Officer, IA Division (J6K), the Joint Staff; Chief, JCS, CINC, and Defense Agency Communications-Computer Security Support, National Security Agency (NSA); and Section Chief, Command Communications-Computer Systems, Headquarters NATO Airborne Early Warning Force Command, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.

Perry earned an MA, and was a Distinguished Graduate, in Computer Resources Management from Webster University; an MBA from the University of North Dakota; and a BS, Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. He has taught as an Adjunct Faculty for the University of Maryland, the City Colleges of Chicago, and NSA's National Cryptologic School. He has also been a guest lecturer for the William & Mary Law School, the Graduate Program at George Washington University, National Defense University, and the Joint Military Intelligence College. In January 2001 he began his doctoral studies in Knowledge Management at George Washington University.

Perry has had articles published in Information Security Bulletin and in the American Bar Association's National Security Law Report, and writes the "Surviving Information Warfare" column for Computer Fraud and Security. He has been a frequent chair, panelist, and speaker on network-centric business, Information Operations, and Knowledge Management. Perry is a member of ShockwaveWriters.com. He is a 1998 member of the International Who's Who of Information Technology.