2001 Conferences

7th CACR Information Security Workshop

Donald Roux, ResQNet

Innovative Leadership in Web-Enabling Solutions

In this talk, Mr. Roux will be discussing internet and wireless enablement of legacy platforms and applications and the integration of those environments into the enterprise. He will also provide a compelling case for the need to ensure integrity end-to-end. As an organization's "enterprise" grows so do the risks and potential for its security to be compromised. The utilization of "smartcard" technology ensures that an organization's mission critical applications and data are not violated.

Speaker's Bio
Mr. Roux was hired as Vice President of Sales for ResQNet.com in February of 2000. In this capacity he is responsible for setting tactical and strategic direction for all sales programs within the company, including direct, reseller and all partner programs.

Prior to joining ResQNet, Mr. Roux held various senior management positions with high technology companies. Most recently he was Vice President of Sales at The A Consulting Team, directing the sales effort of CRM and data conversion projects. Prior to that, Mr. Roux was Vice President of Sales for Plum Technologies where he built, honed and managed the global sales effort for Y2K projects and all consulting services. Mr. Roux also spent nine years at Apple Computer and 5 years with Datapoint Corporation.