2002 Conferences

10th CACR Information Security Workshop

Vaughn Barber,
Visionics Corporation

Biometrics for Border Control

The use of biometric technologies for border control and airport security that have recently emerged in the U.S. will have reverberations worldwide. By moving forward in adopting biometrics in travel documents, for checkpoint surveillance and to verify the identity of persons attempting to our borders, we will be better equipped as a nation to protect public safety and prevent the entry of those who pose a threat to our national security.

This presentation will provide an overview of biometric technologies with a specific focus on facial recognition and fingerprint identification. We will provide examples of current uses, and discuss some of the issues for consideration in implementing these technologies.

Speaker's Bio
Vaughn became involved in biometrics through his interest in communications and the design of human-machine interfaces. He has spent the past two years at Visionics intimately exploring applications of the core FaceIt. technology across many verticals from network security and e-commerce programs, to surveillance and large-scale one-to-many database searching. Vaughn has received a Bachelor9s from Clark University, and currently pursuing a MBA at Columbia University.