2002 Conferences

10th CACR Information Security Workshop

Panel Moderator
Thomas Cahill,
Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University

Moderator's Bio
Thomas Cahill, moderator of the panel "Hype and Reality of Biometrics in the Post 911 Era", witnessed 911 from his condo window two miles away. His wife, Terry was at Chase Manhattan Plaza which was completely engulfed in the dust cloud twice and his son was in school three miles from Ground Zero. Two of his students in the Biometrics class last fall were WTC evacuees - one just getting out as the building collapsed.

Currently Mr. Cahill is adjunct professor in the computer science department of Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York. In March 2002 Polytechnic was awarded by the National Security Agency certification as a national Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education. He has been designated "Core Faculty" in Polytechnic9s Information Assurance Program and created the Cryptography and Biometrics courses, which have now been included in the Core Curriculum.

Prior to joining Polytechnic, Mr. Cahill analyzed, tested, evaluated and piloted signature, fingerprint, voice, and iris (evaluation only), biometric identification for Chase from 1982 through 1998. He holds an MSEE in Electrical Engineering and MS in Math from Polytechnic University.