2002 Conferences

10th CACR Information Security Workshop

Dario Stipisic
Senior Consultant, International Biometric Group

Biometrics 101: An Introduction to the biometrics technologies, market size, performance and privacy issues

Biometrics 101: An introduction to the biometrics technologies, market size, performance and privacy issues. In this presentation learn about different biometric technologies, different form factors, applications, pros/cons of different biometric technologies, privacy issues, and current state of the biometrics industry.

Speaker's Bio
International Biometric Group, LLC, New York, NY
Senior Consultant with International Biometric Group, LLC, a biometric integration and consulting firm specializing in advanced authentication technologies including facial-scan, iris-scan, finger-scan, hand geometry, and voice-scan.

Notable Projects and Clients Financial Services Technology Consortium. Lead project manager for an automated imaged signature comparison project that evaluated several vendor systems ability to process check signatures of five major U.S. banks.

Diebold, Inc. Feasibility study and assessment of large-scale biometrically enabled business opportunities.

Federal Aviation Administration. Feasibility study for deploying biometrics in air travel applications including surveillance, trusted travel, and access control. Responsibilities included procedural, system and architectural design, evaluation of biometrics in similar applications, and analysis of legislative requirements.

Raytheon. Developed business model for optimum value creation using biometrics middleware technology, template storage and database management.

Publications and Media

  • Author: Growth in Biometric Security Applications. Security World Magazine.
  • Quoted regarding biometric technology applications in:
    • Washington Technology
    • San Francisco Chronicle
    • Systems Contractor News
    • Electronic Banking Review
    • The Milwaukee Business Journal
    • Credit Card Management
  • Appearances regarding biometric technology:
    • Tech TV
    • Warner Brothers Ch. 11 New York
    • Moscow TV 6
  • Speaking engagements:
    • ISC Security Conference (Las Vegas)
    • Less-Than-Lethal Technology and Policy Assessment (Washington, D.C.)
Slides from Dr. Stipisic's presentation.