Graduate Studies in Cryptography at Waterloo

Faculty at Waterloo who do research in cryptography and related areas are members of one of the following departments:

The faculty members are also affiliated with the Centre for Applied Cryptographc Research (CACR). If you are interested in graduate studies in cryptography at Waterloo, then you will have to apply to one of the C&O, CS, E&CE or PM departments. There is no mechanism for applying directly to the CACR, or for applying directly to a faculty member. You can find information about the research interests of individual faculty members at the CACR web site. You can find information about applying to C&O, CS, E&CE or PM at the department web sites.

I am a faculty member in the C&O department, which is within the Faculty of Mathematics. If you wish to work with me then you should be applying to the C&O department. Please consider the following before contacting me about graduate studies at Waterloo.
  • If your undergraduate degree is not in the mathematical sciences, the chances of you being accepted to the C&O department are very slim. In this case, you should be considering applying to the E&CE or CS departments and not to the C&O department.
  • C&O Masters and Phd students are required to take several graduate courses in combinatorics and optimization (e.g. graph theory, combinatorial enumeration, discrete optimization, continuous optimization). Also, C&O PhD students must do at least one comprehensive exam in an area of combinatorics or optimization. So, if you do not have a strong background in discrete mathematics you can expect to spend a significant amount of time (e.g. 18 months) on your coursework and possibly taking some remedial courses (an additional 4 months).