Requesting a Reference Letter from me

You should only consider asking me for a reference letter if you have worked on a research project with me, or:

  1. You took an upper-level course from me; and
  2. Your performance in the course was significantly above the class's average; and
  3. You had the opportunity to have some conversations with me, either in class or outside class.
If any of these conditions are not satisfied then it will be difficult for me to write anything but the most generic letter, which will not help your case.

If I do agree to write a letter for you, please send provide me the following information. I have a strong preference for paper copies.
  1. Your university transcripts.
  2. Your resume.
  3. A statement of your interests and plans for graduate studies.
  4. The application form (if there is one). If the form has any parts that should be completed by the applicant, then please do complete them.
  5. The address to which the letter should be mailed. (I would appreciate if you gave me labels with the addresses typed or written on them. I will provide the envelopes and stamps.)
  6. A deadline for completing the letter. (Please give me at least 3 weeks notice.)
  7. Any other information about your abilities that you think could help me write a more convincing letter.