C&O 739C, CS 498S, CS 698S, PHY 712, PHY 490B

Introduction to Quantum Computation

Fall 2000

Michele Mosca


Robert Mann


Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 and Thursdays 2:30-3:30

Main Link Room (Chem 2 079)


Course Outline


Lecture 1 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 2 (by R. Mann) version 2 .ppt file

Lecture 3 (by R. Mann) .ppt file

Lecture 4 (by R. Mann) version 2 .ppt file

Lecture 5 new 4-up format (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 6 new 4-up format (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 7 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 8 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 9 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 10 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 11 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file (revised)

Lecture 12 (by M. Mosca)

Lecture 13 (by M. Mosca)

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Lecture 16 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 17 (by R. Mann) .ppt file

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Lecture 21 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Lecture 22 (by M. Mosca) .ppt file

Project Topics


Brief notes on quantum error correction


Assignment 1  (corrections made to questions 5,6 and 8)

Assignment 1 Solutions

Assignment 2 (instructions added to Turing machine in question 1)

Assignment 2 Solutions

Assignment 3 (deadline extended to Nov. 30th)

Correction to equation in course notes (thanks to Karl Martel) relevant to Assignment 3


On reserve at the Davis Centre library:

Call number UWD1650: The Physics of Quantum Information, Dirk Bouwmeester, Artur Ekert, Anton Zeilinger (eds.)

Call number UWD1448: The Fabric of Reality, by David Deutsch

Call number UWD1449: Quantum Computing and Communications, Michael Brooks (ed.)

Call number UWD1451: Introduction to Quantum Information and Computation, Lo, Popescu + Spiller (eds.)

Call number UWD1452: Quantum Computing, by Jozef Gruska


Some excellent introductory material:

Basic concepts in quantum computation by Ekert, Hayden and Inamori

An Introduction to Quantum Complexity Theory by Cleve

Oxford Quantum Computing Seminar Notes

AMS course on quantum computation