Introduction to

Quantum Computation

Winter 2002


Course Outline


TA Phil Kaye, will have office hour on Wednesdays, 11:30am-12:20pm, MC5050.


Assignment 1 (updated) .ps .tex

(Due 11:59pm Feb. 14th)

M. Mosca will have office hour at 4pm on Feb. 14th in MC4035.

Assignment 1 solutions .ps .tex


Assignment 2 (updated minor corrections to questions 1 and 2) .ps .tex

M. Mosca will have office hour at 4pm on Feb. 26th in MC4035.

M. Mosca will have office hour at 4pm on Feb. 28th in MC4035.

(Due 10am Friday March 1st)


Assignment 2 solutions .ps


Assignment 3 .pdf .tex

(Correction in last question)

Due April 1st.


Final Project (preliminary topics)


Lecture 1 .ppt .ps


Lecture 2 .ppt .ps


Lecture 3 .ppt .ps


Lecture 4 .pdf


Lecture 5 .pdf


Lecture 6 .ppt .ps


Lecture 7 .ppt .ps


Talk on quantum cryptography by Daniel Gottesman

at Perimeter Institute, Wednesday Jan. 30th, 2:30pm,

25 King Street


Lecture 8 .ppt .ps


Lecture 9 .ppt .ps


Lecture 10 .ppt .ps


Lecture 11 .ppt .ps


Lecture 12 .ppt .ps


Lecture 13 .ppt .ps


Talk on quantum information by Ivette Fuentes

Monday 18th Feb., 2:30pm, MC5158.


No classes during reading week.


Lecture 14 .ppt .ps


Lecture 15 .ppt .ps


Lecture 16 .pdf


Lecture 17 .pdf


Lecture 18 .pdf


Lecture 19 .pdf


Lecture 20 .pdf


Lecture by Vlatko Vedral

Thursday, March 28 from 1:30-2:30pm in MC 5158


Lecture by David Cory

Thursday March, 28 from 4-5pm in PHYS 145


Lecture by Vlatko Vedral

Tuesday April 2 from 12:30pm-1:30pm,

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


Lecture by Elham Kashefi

Tuesday April 2 from 2:30-3:30pm, MC 5136