3rd CACR Information Security Workshop
(slides from talks)

(June 9, 1999)

Slides from the talks:
  • Bill Lattin
    The State of the PKI: Technologies, Products & Directions
    Power point.
  • Mary Horrigan
    Public Key Infrastructure at Scotiabank: A Success Story.
    Power point.
  • Peter Williams
    Certificate Validation and the Online Certificate Status Protocol
    Power point.
  • Michael Myers
    Certificate Validation: Theory vs. Practice
    Power point.
  • Patrick Richard,
    Extending Attribute Protocols for Status Management and "Other Things"
    Power point.
  • Jonathan Callas
    The OpenPGP Standard for Certificates and Secure Messages
    Power point.
  • Joe Kovara
    Extending the Reach of Public Key Technology
    Part 1: Power point.
    Part 2: Power point.
  • Michael Versace
    Electronic Payments Electronic Authentication
    Power point.
  • Lynn Wheeler
    Account Authority Digital Signature and X9.59 Payment Standard
    Power point.

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