4th CACR Information Security Workshop
(slides from talks)

(November 8, 1999)

Slides from the talks:
  • Bill Poletti
    Business Requirements for CA Evaluations
    Power point.
  • Les Biggs
    FIPS 140-1(2) and its Role in Information Security Strategies.
    Power point.
  • Andrew Webber
    What About the ITSEC?
    Power point, pdf.
  • Roland Mueller
    IT Security Evaluation According to Harmonised and Approved Criteria
    Power point.
  • Steve Booth
    Introduction to Common Criteria/Common Methodology
    Power point.
  • Lou Giles
    Common Criteria Protection Profiles
    Power point.
  • Eric Rosenfeld
    Certificate Issuing and Management System Protection Profiles
    Power point.
  • Marc Laroche
    Trusted Public Key Infrastructures
    Power point.
  • Bill Osborne
    GATEKEEPER - The Australian Government Electronic Authentication Model
    Power point.

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