2000 Conferences

The 4th Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2000)

University of Essen, Essen, Germany
October 4, 5 & 6 2000
Fourth and Final Announcement: September 11, 2000


ECC 2000 is the fourth in a series of annual workshops dedicated to the study of elliptic curve cryptography and related areas. The main themes of ECC 2000 will be:

  • The discrete logarithm and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problems.
  • Provably secure discrete log-based cryptographic protocols for encryption, signatures and key agreement.
  • Efficient software and hardware implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems.
  • Deployment of elliptic curve cryptography.
It is hoped that the meeting will encourage and stimulate further research on the security and implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems and related areas, and encourage collaboration between mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers in the academic, industry and government sectors.

There will be 17 invited lectures (and no contributed talks), with the remaining time used for informal discussions. There will be both survey lectures as well as lectures on latest research developments.

  • Certicom Corp.
  • Communications and Information Technology Ontario
  • CV Cryptovision
  • Research Alliance Data Security NRW
    (NRW Forschungsverbund Datensicherheit,
    Minist. SWWF, NRW, Germany)
  • Infineon
  • MasterCard International
  • Metris
  • Mondex International Limited
  • Siemens AG
  • University GH Essen
  • University of Waterloo
  • Gerhard Frey (University of Essen)
  • Steven Galbraith (University of Essen)
  • Alfred Menezes (University of Waterloo)
  • Scott Vanstone (University of Waterloo)
  • Jan Camenisch (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Ronald Cramer (BRICS, Denmark)
  • Claus Diem (University of Essen, Germany)
  • Pierrick Gaudry (LIX, France)
  • Erwin Hess (Siemens, Germany)
  • Ansgar Heuser (BSI, Germany)
  • Neal Koblitz (University of Washington, USA)
  • Robert Lambert (Certicom Corp., Canada)
  • Arjen Lenstra (Citibank, USA)
  • Peter Montgomery (Microsoft Research, USA)
  • Christof Paar (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
  • Phil Rogaway (University of California at Davis, USA)
  • Takakazu Satoh (Saitama University, Japan)
  • Ernst Schulte-Geers (BSI, Germany)
  • Igor Semaev (Moscow)
  • Nigel Smart (University of Bristol, UK)
  • Scott Vanstone (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Conference Programme:

There will be seventeen invited lectures. All lectures will be held on the campus of the University of Essen. The titles of the lectures are:
  • Camenisch: Group Signature and Identity Escrow Schemes
  • Cramer: Secure Homomorphic Multi-Party Computation: Efficient Constructions from Homomorphic Threshold Encryption and Applications to Secure Distributed Linear Algebra.
  • Diem: Galois Theory and the DL-Problem
  • Gaudry: Hyperelliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms
  • Hess: Aspects of Public-Key Cryptosystems in Practice
  • Heuser: Public Key Cryptography from the Point of View of a National InfoSec Agency
  • Koblitz: Miracles of the Height Function - A Golden Shield Protecting ECC
  • Lambert: Block Architectures for Cryptographic Hardware
  • Lenstra: The XTR Public-Key System
  • Montgomery: Parallel Block Lanczos
  • Paar: Reconfigurable Hardware in Modern Cryptography
  • Rogaway: Stopping Dictionary Attacks
  • Satoh: Canonical Lifting of Elliptic Curves and p-Adic Point Counting -- Theoretical Background
  • Schulte-Geers: Collision Search in a Random Mapping: Some Asymptotic Results
  • Semaev: Discrete Logarithms in Prime Finite Fields for Special Moduli
  • Smart: Recent Work on Weil Descent
  • Vanstone: The Past Fifteen Years of Public-Key Cryptography

              Wednesday           Thursday            Friday
8:00-9:30     Registration

9:30-10:20    Heuser              Vanstone            Hess

10:50-11:40   Lenstra             Camenisch           Rogaway

12:00-12:50   Semaev              Cramer              Satoh

                             L    U    N    C    H

14:00-14:50   Gaudry              Lambert             Koblitz

15:20-16:10   Smart               Paar

16:30-17:20   Diem                Montgomerey

17:30-18:20                       Schulte-Geers


20:00                             BANQUET


There will be a registration fee this year of DM 200 or $ 100 US
(DM 100 or $ 50 US for students). PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 
FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE BASIS. To register, complete, in full, the
attached REGISTRATION FORM and return it

by e-mail to:   ecc@exp-math.uni-essen.de

by mail to:     Ms. Karin Rufaut
                Institute for Experimental Mathematics
                Ellernstrasse 29
                45326 Essen
                Phone: +49/201/183-7656(7649)

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E-Mail Address:

Telephone #:

Mark your choice:

Registration Fee:                        DM 200   / $ 100 US

Student Registration Fee:                DM 100   / $  50 US

(Registration Fee Includes Banquet)
      Attending Banquet:  Yes / No       Vegetarian:  Yes / No

Extra Guest Banquet Fee:                 DM  50   / $  25 US
       Guest Vegetarian:  Yes / No

TOTAL REGISTRATION FEE:                  DM____   / $____ US


Accommodation (please mark your choice)

( ) I would like to reserve a single-        DM 115 per night 
    room for ___ nights, from ___
    to ___ October, 2000 (please fill
    in the dates of arrival and

( ) I would like to reserve a single-        DM 130 per night
    room with a large bed ("grand lit")
    for ___ nights, from ___ to ___
    October, 2000.

( ) I would like to reserve a double-        DM  75 per person / per night
    room for ___ nights, from ___ to
    ___ October, 2000 and I would like
    to share it with _________________ .

( ) I would like to reserve a bed in         DM  75 per person / per night
    a double-room from ____ to ___
    October, 2000 and I'm ready to share
    it with another participant of the

( ) I don't need a hotel room.

The hotel bill should be paid directly at the hotel reception.

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Essen is situated approximately 30 km from Duesseldorf International
Airport and about 250 km from Frankfurt Airport.

Participants should plan to arrive on October 3 to be able to attend
the lectures on Wednesday morning.

Duesseldorf Airport to Essen Hauptbahnhof (main station):

From any of the terminals take the free airport bus to
the train station (Flughafen bahnhof). From there you can
buy a "zone C" ticket for DM13 and you must remember to
validate (time stamp) the ticket before boarding the train.
There are plenty of trains from this station to Essen HBF.
The Zone C ticket is valid on S-Bahn, RE and IR trains.
If you take an Intercity train then you will have to pay
a higher fare but this can be bought from the conductor on
the train.

Note that there is an airport in Monchengladbach which is also
called "Duesseldorf airport" and which is served by a few smaller
airlines within Europe.  One can also get to Essen from this airport
by using the S-bahn, but the journey time is longer (about 2 hours).

Frankfurt Airport to Essen Hauptbahnhof (main station):

There is a train (InterCity) which goes directly from Frankfurt/Main
Airport to "Essen Hauptbahnhof". There is one train an hour. the
journey takes approximately 3 hours and costs around DM 100.
An exact timetable for these (and other) trains can be found
at http://bahn.hafas.de/bin/detect.exe/bin/query.exe/en
Tickets may be purchased at the station or on the train.
Another possibility is to take suburban train (S-Bahn) S8 to Mainz 
and then change to an Essen train.  For "InterCity" trains it is
necessary to pay a DM 7 supplement.

Essen Hauptbahnhof (main station) to the University of Essen:

To walk from Essen Hauptbahnhof to the University of Essen takes
around 20-25 minutes.  It is also possible to take the
underground train U11 direction "Universitaet Essen"
and get off at the "Universitaet Essen" stop.  On the underground
it is necessary to buy a ticket in advance and validate (time stamp)
it either before entering the platform or immediately upon boarding
the train.

Maps of the region, city and university can be found at:


There is a limited block of rooms set aside on a first-come first-serve 
basis at three mid-range hotels in Essen: "Korn's Hotel", "Europa"
and "Lindenhof".  All three hotels are close to both the Essen main station
and the University of Essen and can easily be reached by public transport.
Breakfast is included.  We ask you to make your hotel reservations with us.

In all three hotels, the price is DM 115 for a single room and DM 150 for
a double room. "Korn's Hotel" also has single rooms with a large
bed ("grand lit"), the price for these rooms is DM 130 per night. If you
prefer such a room, please indicate on the registration form. If all the
single rooms for DM 115 are booked out, we will automatically reserve
a single room with "grand lit" for DM 130 for you.

The addresses of the hotels and their exact location will be emailed to
registrants next week.
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