2000 Conferences

6th CACR Information Security Workshop
1st Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Ann Cavoukian, Commissioner, Information & Privacy Commission of Ontario, Canada

The Cases for Building In Privacy

Privacy has become the dominant issue confronting the emerging world of e-commerce. Without consumer confidence and trust, e-commerce will not achieve its much-anticipated potential. As organizations continue to collect and consolidate ever-increasing amounts of client data -- often using privacy- invasive practices -- they face a consumer backlash through lawsuits and boycotts. companies without sound privacy practices will find it difficult to attract and keep clients. This prsentation offers a broad introduction into the economics, drivers and basics of privacy, as a starting point for today's conference.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Ann Cavoukian is recognized as a leading authority on privacy and data protection. She was appointed Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontaroi in May 1997. As Commissioner, Ann oversees the operations of Ontario's information and privacy laws. She has served with the Commission since its start-up in 1987, initially as its first Director of Compliance, then as Assistant Commissioner.

Ann sits on a number of committees involved in privacy and technology. She is a member of the W3Cs committee of experts working on P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences). She was also recently a member of the American Task Force on Privacy, Technology and Criminal Justice Information.

Ann received her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in Psychology, specializing in criminology. Ann is frequently called upon to speak at leading forums around the world on the importance of privacy. her published works include a book on privacy called "Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in a Networked World" (Random Hosue), as well as numerous articles and chapters in international publications. Ann is particularly interested in advancing privacy protection through the pursuit of privacy-enhancing technologies.