2000 Conferences

6th CACR Information Security Workshop
1st Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Guy Herriges, Management Board Secretariat, Ontario Government

The Ontario Government's Privacy Impact Assessment Guidelines

The Ontario government's privacy impact assessment is a methodology to determine whether new technologies, information systems and proposed programs or policies meet privacy requirements. The privacy impact assessment measures both technical compliance with privacy requirements as well as anticipated stakeholder reaction to a given proposal. The assessment is based upon a detailed description of the information flow of a given business activity and a detailed analysis of the information flow to determine compliance with privacy requirements and expectations. The assessment concludes with a risk assessment and a discussion of options for mitigating privacy risks. The privacy impact assessment is a mandatory requirement for all submissions to the Management Board of Cabinet that potentially affect the privacy of individuals.

Speaker Bio
Guy Herriges is the Manager, Information and Privacy, Office of the Corporate Chief Strategist, Management Board Secretariat. Guy joined Management Board Secretariat as a Policy Advisor in 1988, and has over 10 years of experience in the area of access to information and privacy. Prior to joining Management Board Secretariat, Guy was the Assistant Director of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with degrees in philosophy and law.

The Information and Privacy Office provides policy advice and support to the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet in his role as the minister responsible for Ontario's freedom of information and privacy legislation. The Office also provides policy and administrative guidance to government organizations responsible for administering Ontario's freedom of information and privacy legislation.