6th CACR Information Security Workshop &
1st Annual Privacy & Security Workshop
(slides for the talks)

(November 10, 2000)

Slides for the talks:
  • Ann Cavoukian
    Privacy by Design: Building Trust into Technology
    Power point.
  • David Wallace
    Meeting the Challenges og Privacy in the
    Ontario Government

    Power point.
  • Barry Sookman
    Incorporating Privacy into the Security Domain:
    Issues and Solutions

    Power point.
  • Stefan Brands
    PKI versus Private Credentials
    Power point.
    To obtain a copy of the white paper titled "Private Credentials," please go to this site.
  • Brenda Watkins
    Security and Government On-Line: Getting the Model Right
    Power point
  • Peter Cullen
    Managing the Balance of Privacy - Why it Matters
    Power point.
  • Jo Anne DeLaurentiis
    Privacy Protection Made Simple: How technical design
    can help you meet your commitment to privacy in the

    Power point.
  • Guy Herriges
    The Privacy Impact Assessment Guidelines
    Power point.

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