2000 Conferences

6th CACR Information Security Workshop
1st Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

Barry Sookman, McCarthy Tetrault

Knowing the Legal Framework

There is legislation that governs how business is and will be conducted in the province of Ontario. In particular, there is new legislation that provides for electronic transactions and proposed legislation that governs how the private sector will deal with personal information. Security professionals need to understand how to apply the relevant provisions in order to make proper and better-informed decisions. Privacy concerns (consent regarding and control over the collection, use and disclosure of personally indentifiable information) may be different from security concerns (data authentication, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation). Nevertheless, security professionals who are familiar with the basic privacy principles which now form a schedule to the federal privacy legislation, can avoid the expensive risk of having to retrofit non-compliant systems.

Speaker Bio
Barry B. Sookman is a partner with McCarthy Tetrault and head of its Internet and Electronic Commerce Group in Toronto. He is one of Canada's foremost authorities in the area of Information Technology Law and is the author of the three volume text entitled "Sookman: Computer Law: Acquiring and Protecting Information Technolgoy" (1989-1999) and the four volume text "Sookman: Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law." He also lectures and writes extensively on legal issues related to computer, electronic commerce and Internet law.

Mr. Sookman was recently described in a Canada-wide survey of information technology lawyers as one of the "leading Toronto lawyers" with strong national reputations for the sophistication of their work. he was also recognized as an authority on Internet and electronic commerce law in a recent international directory on the "Who's Who of Internet and Electronic Commerce Lawyers."

Mr. Sookman has extensive experience in providing advice in connection with complex information technolgy transactions including joint ventures and other strategic relationships, and information technology procurements such as licensing of software, purchase and sale of systems, and service arrangements such as system integration and outsourcing transactions. He also provides advice in connection with protecting and exploiting intellectual property and new media products. In addition, Mr. Sookman has extensive expertise on legal issues related to electronic commerce and the Internet.

Mr. Sookman is a member of the Joint Copyright Committee of the Canadian Bar Association and Patent Trademark Institute of Canada (PTIC). Mr. Sookman is a past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association - Computer and Computer- Related Technology section. He is a member of the Association Litteraire et Artistique Internationale and the Computer Law Association. Mr. Sookman is a Director of the Canadian IT Law Association. he is also a member of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Centre for Innovation's Advisory Board.