2000 Conferences

6th CACR Information Security Workshop
1st Annual Privacy and Security Workshop

David Wallace, Management Board Secretariat, Ontario Government

Meeting the Challenges of Privacy in the Ontario Government

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Speaker Bio
David has been an information and information technology (I&IT) professional for over 17 years, working in both information technology and in program-based branches. He has worked in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) since 1985, working at the Ministries of Financial Institutions, Consumer and Commercial Relations Transportation and at Management Board Secretariat. Pior to joining the OPS, he held positions at Gulf Canada Ltd. and Ford Glass Limited.

Currently, David is the Head Architect in the Office of Chief Corporate Strategist, and has been part of the I&IT Strategy Project and the project manager for the first Strategy project - the Enterprise I&IT Archeticure Project. On the I&IT Strategy Project and as a member of the Infrastucture sub-project team, he worked on the target picture infrastructure architecture and model, detailed project charters and assisted with the development of the overall business case for the project. As the project manager of the enterprise architecture project, he has formed a core team that together with many OPS and external participants in workshops and with an Architecture Review Board in place to review the results of the project, that has created a "living architecture" that will serve as an important framework for the rest of the I&IT Strategy projects and to clusters/ministries. As Head Architect, David is also responsible for the I&IT Strategy's Integrated information and the Standardized Application Environment projects.

David has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Business Management degree (majoring in business systems and accounting/finance) from Ryerson Polytechnic University.