ECC 2001 (slides from talks)

5th workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2001) (October 29-31, 2001)

Slides from some of the ECC 2001 talks:
  • Dan Bernstein
    A software implementation of NIST P-224 (postscript)
  • Dan Brown
    A conditional security analysis of the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (postscript)
  • Gerhard Frey
    Discrete logarithm systems - Where are we? (pdf)
  • Pierrick Gaudry
    Algorithms for counting points on curves (postscript)
  • Darrel Hankerson
    Performance comparisons of elliptic curve systems in software (pdf)
  • Robert Harley
    Generating secure elliptic curves with an AGM iteration and the early-abort strategy (postscript, pdf)
  • Florian Hess
    An extension of the GHS attack (postscript)
  • Erik Knudsen
    Elliptic curve scalar multiplication using point halving (postscript)
  • Raymond Laflamme
    Quantum computing (pdf) (11.7 Mbytes)
  • Alfred Menezes
    Cryptographic implications of Gaudry-Hess-Smart Weil descent (postscript)
  • Tatsuaki Okamoto
    Generic conversions for constructing IND-CCA2 public-key encryption in the random oracle model (powerpoint)
  • Alice Silverberg
    Elliptic curves: The state of the art (pdf)
  • Brian Snow
    We need assurance (pdf)
  • Jerome A. Solinas
    Some computational speedups and bandwidth improvements for curves over prime fields (pdf, (postscript
  • Annegret Weng
    The CM-method for hyperelliptic curves (postscript)

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