8th CACR Information Security Workshop
& 2nd Annual Privacy and Security Workshop:
The Human Face of Privacy Technology
(slides from talks)

(November 1 & 2, 2001)

Slides from the talks:
  • Nikita Borisov
    Wireless Privacy, the Do's and Don'ts of Wireless
    Power point.
  • Marc Levine
    Applications of Privacy Technology: Protecting Human Rights and Consumer Privacy
    Power point.
  • Dr. Steve Mann
    Perspectives on Subjectrights
  • Stephanie Perrin
    Re-inventing Privacy: The Need to Think From Different Perspectives When Building a Privacy Architecture
    Power point
  • Ron Ross
    The Challenges of Turning a Security Company into a Privacy & Security Company
    Power point
  • Andrew Schulman
    Privacy in the Workplace
  • Ari Schwartz
    Wireless Privacy, the Do's and Don'ts of Wirless
    Power point.
  • Sherry Shannon-Vanstone
    Latest developments in privacy and security technology
    Power point.
  • Lawrence Surtees
    Never Lost, Always Found: The Business Case for Wireless Privacy
    Power point.

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