ECC 2002 (slides from talks)

6th workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2002) (September 23-25, 2002)

Slides from some of the ECC 2002 talks:
  • Dan Bleichenbacher
    On the generation of DSA one-time keys
  • Jens Franke/Thorsten Kleinjung
    Recent progress in GNFS factorization
  • Steven Galbraith
    Supersingular curves and the Tate pairing pdf
  • Nils Gura
    An end-to-end systems approach to elliptic curve cryptography pdf
  • Kiran Kedlaya
    p-adic cohomology and the computation of zeta functions
  • Alan Lauder
    Computing zeta functions of varieties over finite fields
  • Ansgar Lohoff
    Secure implementation of public key algorithms on smartcard processors
  • Kumar Murty
    The number of points on an Abelian variety over a finite field
  • Kim Nguyen
    ECC - the state of the art in smart card environments pdf
  • Phong Nguyen
    Lattice-based cryptography: An overview ps
  • David Pointcheval
    About security proofs in the discrete logarithm setting pdf
  • Takadazu Satoh
    On an algorithm for finding fixed point of certain contraction maps and its application to point counting ps
  • Gerhard Schabhueser
    How to find the "socially accepted" minimal keylenth for Digital Signature Algorithms pdf
  • Rene Schoof
    Computing Arakelov class groups
  • Emmanuel Thome
    Computing discrete logs in large characteristic 2 finite fields ps pdf
  • Frederik Vercauteren
    Extensions of Kedlaya's algorithm ps pdf

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