2004 Conferences

13th CACR Information Security Workshop &
5th Annual Privacy and Security Workshop
Privacy and Security: Seeking the Middle Path

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October 28-29, 2004
The Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks Street, University of Toronto
Final Announcement: September 25, 2004

Privacy & Security: Seeking the Middle Path will be held October 28-29, 2004, at the University of Toronto, Canada. This is the fifth annual conference jointly organized by the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner/Ontario, the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy (University of Toronto), and the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research (University of Waterloo).

At present we are moving into a society of transparency where control over the particulars of one's life are becoming increasingly difficult due to improved technologies and increased linkages. In numerous circumstances there are no more shadows in which to conceal personal information. Revealing personal information is no longer a necessary trade-off to obtain improved service and security, both in the public and private spheres. This year's conference theme, "Privacy & Security: Seeking the Middle Path", will explore the various methods developed to control the flow of data, particularly personally identifiable data. In addition, it will explore how such control relates to privacy protections and security.

Identity controls can be implemented in system designs, guidelines and new technologies. The quality and importance of such controls means the difference between enabling better administration of data without hindering personal privacy. This year's workshop will cover various issues relating to identity management within a forum that will fuse representatives from numerous sectors. In a highly interactive fashion, delegates will be able to examine challenges and breakthroughs related to privacy and security. There will also be discussions covering the following topics: border security, the effects of real-time data transfer in the security sector, the future of search tools and accessing the "deep web", solutions for managing and authenticating identity, academic showcases of privacy projects, scenario management and mitigating risk in an identity-enabled world, machine learning and its potentials, as well as cutting-edge technology assessments. As in past years our conference will have some of the leading practitioners, thinkers, academics, lawyers and authors discuss their ideas, insights and solutions.

The intended audience includes technology and security experts, CIOs, senior technology executives, health professionals, cryptographers, engineers, law enforcement, practitioners, academics, private sector leaders, privacy experts and students.


  • Mike Gurski (Conference Chair), IPC/Ontario
  • Ken Anderson, IPC/Ontario
  • Alfred Menezes, University of Waterloo
  • Richard Owens, Centre for Innovation Law & Policy
Content Coordinator:
  • Pasha Peroff, IPC/Ontario
Speakers: Schedule of Talks: The schedule of talks, including the recordings of presentations can be found here.