6th Annual Privacy and Security Workshop (slides from talks)

  • Caspar Bowden
    The Identity Metasystem ppt
  • Richard Brisebois
    Findings by the Auditor General of Canada on: Information Technology Security in the Federal Government ppt
  • Nigel Brown
    Privacy Frameworks for Health Care ppt
  • Jacquie Burkell and Valerie Steeves
    Privacy Policies on Kids' Favourite Web Sites ppt
  • Jan Camenisch
    PRIME: Privacy and Identity Management for Everyone/Europe pdf
  • Lorrie Cranor
    Towards Usable Web Privacy and Security pdf
  • Roger Dingledine
    Tor: Anonymous Communications for the US Dept of Defense... and you pdf
  • Marcel Gingras
    Confecting Security and Privacy ppt
  • Charles Giordano and Larry Ponemon
    Responsible Information Management: The Link between Privacy & Trust ppt
  • Ian Kerr
    Add This to Your Cart: DRM and Autopia/Myopia/Distopia ppt
  • Larry Korba
    Challenges in Making E-Privacy Real ppt
  • David Loukidelis
    National Security Claims & Transparency Respecting Privacy Practices pdf
  • Bill O'Brien
    Security & Privacy: The Changing World of Privacy and the Core Drivers ppt
  • Malcolm Saravanamuttoo
    Privacy: Changing Attitudes in a Tumultuous Tim ppt
  • Latanya Sweeney
    Identity Management: Dealing with Disclosure ppt
  • John Weigelt
    Hard Problems in Computer Privacy ppt