ECC 2006 (slides from talks)

10th workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2006) (September 18-20, 2006)

Slides from some of the ECC 2006 talks:
Audio and slides are available at the Fields Institute web site.
  • Daniel J. Bernstein
    Elliptic vs. hyperelliptic, part 1 pdf
  • Reinier Bröker
    Constructing elliptic curves for cryptography pdf
  • Xavier Boyen
    Practical aspects of identity-based encryption html pdf
  • Isabelle Déchène
    Generalized Jacobians: Natural candidates for DL-based cryptography pdf
  • Claus Diem
    An index calculus algorithm for non-singular plane curves of high genus pdf
  • Andreas Enge
    An L(1/3) algorithm for the discrete logarithm problem in low degree curves pdf
  • David Freeman
    Methods for constructing pairing-friendly elliptic curves pdf
  • Tanja Lange
    Elliptic vs. hyperelliptic, part 2 ps.gz   ps
  • Kristin Lauter
    Cryptographic hash functions from expander graphs ppt
  • Laurie Law
    Finding invalid signatures in pairing-based batches pdf
  • Dan Page
    Compliers in (elliptic curve) cryptography pdf
  • Jan Pelzl
    Exact cost estimates for ECC attacks with special-purpose hardware pdf
  • Oliver Schirokauer
    Extending the special number field sieve pdf
  • Mike Scott
    Implementing cryptographic pairings ppt
  • Igor Shparlinski
    Elliptic curves and finite fields pdf
  • Nigel Smart
    Identity based key agreement protocols pdf
  • Nicolas Thériault
    Towards an exact cost analysis of index-calculus algorithms pdf

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