2001 Seminars


  • Hyper Bent Functions
    Amr Youssef, University of Waterloo
    Jan 22 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Pseudo-Telepathy and Coloring Graphs
    Viktor Galliard, University of Waterloo
    Jan 29 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Quantum Computers: Can Shroedinger's Cat Help Us?
    Prof. Chris Monroe, University of Michigan
    Feb 1 (Thursday), 4:00 pm, PHY 145
  • Quantum Networks for Concentrating Entanglement
    Phillip Kaye, University of Waterloo
    Feb 5 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Information Leakage of Feistel Ciphers
    Prof. Howard Heys, Memorial University
    Feb 12 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Some thoughts on the theory of cryptographic hash functions
    Prof. Doug Stinson, University of Waterloo
    Feb 19 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Reasoning about Public-Key Certification
    Reto Kohlas, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
    Feb 26 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • A Cryptographic Topic in Japan: CRYPTREC Project
    Tetsuya Izu, University of Waterloo
    Mar 5 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Cryptographic Properties of functions on Alternating Groups
    Prof. John Lawrence, University of Waterloo
    Mar 6 (Tuesday), 1:30 pm, MC 5045
  • Explicit arithmetic of Brauer groups
    Kim Nguyen, Universitaet Essen
    Mar 8 (Thursday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Decision Diffie-Hellman and Diffie-Hellman problem on elliptic curves
    Kim Nguyen, Universitaet Essen
    Mar 12 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Third-order characteristic Sequences and Public-Key Cryptogsystem
    Guang Gong, University of Waterloo
    April 2 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Randomness of Several Elliptic Curve Sequences
    Charles Lam, University of Waterloo
    April 16 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Flexi-Provider - A Crypto Provider for the Java Cryptography Architecture
    Birgit Henhapl, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
    April 30 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Quantum Lower Bounds
    Ronald de Wolf, CWI and University of Amsterdam
    May 8 (Tuesday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Factoring $N=pq^2$ with the Elliptic Curve Method
    Edlyn Teske, University of Waterloo
    May 28 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Generalized Zig-zag Functions and Oblivious Transfer Reductions
    Paolo D'Arco, University of Waterloo
    June 4 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Practical High-Speed Quantum Cryptography
    Gerald Gilbert, The MITRE Corporation
    June 25 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • A Curmudgeon's View of "Provable Security"
    Neal Koblitz, University of Washington
    September 10 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Weil Descent: An update
    Nigel Smart, University of Bristol
    September 13 (Thursday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Chebyshev Optimal Normal Bases
    Aleksandar Jurisic;, Nova Gorica Polytechnic and IMFM
    September 14 (Friday), 3:30 pm, MC 5158
  • Asymptotically Fast Regulator Computation in Real Quadratic Fields
    Ulrich Vollmer, Technische Universität Darmstadt
    October 1 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Quantum Information Processing and Linear Optics
    Raymond Laflamme, Dept. of Physics, University of Waterloo
  • Quantum Public Key Cryptography and Quantum Computation Cryptography
    Tatsuaki Okamoto, NTT Labs, Japan
    November 1 (Thursday), 2:00 pm, MC 5158
  • Introduction to Quantum Computation
    Michele Mosca, Dept. of C&O, University of Waterloo
    November 12 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Generating Large Instances of the Gong-Harn Cryptosystem
    Kenneth Giuliani, Dept. of C&O, University of Waterloo
    November 19 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Title to be announced
    Camille Negrevegne, Los Alamos National Laboratories
    November 26 (Monday), 2:30 pm, MC 5158
  • Chastizing the Demons
    José M. Fernandez, Lab. d'Informatique Théorique, Université de Montréal
    November 26 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136

  • Parallel Elliptic Curve Multiplication and its Resistance against Side- Channel Attacks
    Tetsuya Izu, Dept. of C&O, University of Waterloo
    December 3 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136