2003 Seminars


  • Authentication and key exchange protocols for wireless imbalanced networks
    Agnes Chan, Northeastern University
    Jan 17 (Friday), 9:00 pm, DC 1302
  • Imperfect decryption and an attack on the NTRU encryption scheme
    John Proos, University of Waterloo
    Jan 20 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Validation of elliptic curve public keys
    Daniel Brown, Certicom Corp.
    Jan 27 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Problems in cyclic Hadamard difference sets: Introduction and current results
    Hong-Yeop Song, Yonsei University, Korea
    Feb 10 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Business risk analysis: Link between information security theory and the practice
    Miroslav Kis, Bank of Montreal Financial Group
    Feb 24 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Weak fields for elliptic curve cryptography
    Edlyn Teske, University of Waterloo
    Mar 3 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Construction of secure Picard curves over finite prime fields
    Annegret Weng, University of Essen
    Mar 10 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Security for SoCs: Including simple and differential power analysis in a VLIW core
    Cathy Gebotys, University of Waterloo
    Mar 17 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Quantum algorithms for elliptic curves
    Christof Zalka, University of Waterloo
    Mar 31 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Uncloneable encryption with quantum states
    Daniel Gottesman, Perimeter Institute
    Apr 7 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • Composing quantum protocols
    Dominic Mayers, University of Sherbrooke
    May 26 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • The way to secure communication using quantum crytpography
    Christian Kollmitzer, ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH
    Jun 2 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • New constructions for highly nonlinear and resilient Boolean functions
    Khoonming Khoo, University of Waterloo
    June 23 (Monday), 3:30 pm, MC 5136
  • High performance elliptic curve cryptographic co-processor
    Jonathan Lutz, University of Waterloo
    Jul 2 (Thursday), 10:30 pm, DC 2564
  • Correlation properties of poly-phase sequences
    Hong-Yeop Song, Yonsei University, Korea
    Jul 31 (Thursday), 2:00 pm, DC 1331
  • Some algebraic properties of the AES-like S-boxes
    Amr Youssef, Cairo University
    Sep 8 (Monday), 10:00 am, E2 1307C
  • A stream cipher based on a cascade of small S-boxes
    Stafford Tavares, Queen's University
    Sep 17 (Wednesday), 11:00 am, DC 1331
  • Constructions of finite pseudorandom binary sequences
    Andras Sarkozy, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
    Sep 18 (Thursday), 3:30 pm, MC 6091A
  • Fingerprinting and tracing: Foiling the pirates
    Doug Stinson, University of Waterloo
    Sep 26 (Friday), 3:30 pm, DC 1302
  • Hybrid broadcast encryption and security analysis
    Shaoquan Jiang, University of Waterloo
    Nov 4 (Tuesday), 2:00 pm, DC 1331