1999 Technical Reports

1999 Technical Reports

  1. C. Colbourn, J. Dinitz and D. Stinson
    Applications of Combinatorial Designs to Communications, Cryptography, and Networking   ps
    CORR 99-01

  2. A. Enge
    Computing Discrete Logarithms in High-Genus Hyperelliptic Jacobians in Provably Subexponential Time   ps
    CORR 99-04

  3. J. Silverman
    The Xedni Calculus and the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem   ps
    CORR 99-05

  4. M. Jacobson, N. Koblitz, J. Silverman, A. Stein and E. Teske
    Analysis of the Xedni Calculus Attack   ps
    CORR 99-06

  5. D. Stinson
    Some Baby-Step Giant-Step Algorithms for the Low Hamming Weight Discrete Logarithm Problem   ps
    CORR 99-07

  6. A. Stein and E. Teske
    Catching Kangaroos in Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-09

  7. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Determining the Maximum Consistent Set of Shares in a Threshold Scheme   ps
    CORR 99-10

  8. S. Jiang, Z. Dai and G. Gong
    Notes on q-ary Interleaved Sequences   ps
    CORR 99-12

  9. G. Gong, Z. Dai and S. Golomb
    Enumeration and Criteria for Cyclically Shift-Distinct GMW Sequences   ps
    CORR 99-13

  10. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Unconditionally Secure Proactive Secret Sharing Scheme with Combinatorial Structures   ps
    CORR 99-14

  11. A. Stein
    Introduction to Continued Fraction Expansions in Real Quadratic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-16

  12. A. Stein
    Infrastructure in Real Quadratic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-17

  13. M. Jacobson and H. Williams
    The Size of the Fundamental Solutions of Consecutive Pell Equations   ps
    CORR 99-18

  14. A. Stein
    Sharp Upper Bounds for Arithmetics in Hyperelliptic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-23

  15. A. Stein and E. Teske
    Explicit Bounds and Heuristics on Class Numbers in Hyperelliptic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-26

  16. Y. Wang
    Linear Complexity Versus Pseurorandomness: On Beth and Dai's Result   ps
    CORR 99-27

  17. G. Gong, Z. Dai and D. Ye
    Decomposition and Classification of Cascaded GMW Functions   ps
    CORR 99-29

  18. T. Cusick and G. Gong
    A Conjecture on Binary Sequences with the "Trinomial Property"   ps
    CORR 99-30

  19. M. Jacobson and H. Williams
    New Quadratic Polynomials with High Densities of Prime Values   ps
    CORR 99-32

  20. D. Johnson and A. Menezes
    The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)   ps, pdf
    CORR 99-34

  21. W. Martin
    Minimum Distance Bounds for s-Regular Codes   ps
    CORR 99-38

  22. J. Solinas
    Generalized Mersenne Numbers   ps, pdf
    CORR 99-39

  23. S. Blackburn and S. Galbraith
    Certification of Secure RSA Keys   ps
    CORR 99-44

  24. R. Scheidler
    Ideal Arithmetic and Infrastructure in Purely Cubic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-45

  25. J. Solinas
    Improved Algorithms for Arithmetic on Anomalous Binary Curves   ps, pdf
    CORR 99-46

  26. K. Kurosawa, T. Johansson and D. Stinson
    Almost k-wise Independent Sample Spaces and Their Cryptographic Applications   ps
    CORR 99-48

  27. S. Galbraith and J. McKee
    The Probability that the Number of Points on an Elliptic Curve Over a Finite Field is Prime   ps
    CORR 99-51

  28. R. Scheidler
    Cryptography in Quadratic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 99-53

  29. W. Banks, F. Griffin, D. Lieman and I. Shparlinski
    Non-Linear Complexity of the Naor-Reingold Pseudorandom Function   ps
    CORR 99-54

  30. P. Eisen and D. Stinson
    Threshold Visual Cryptography Schemes With Specified Whiteness Levels of Reconstructed Pixels   ps
    CORR 99-57

  31. M. Jacobson
    Computing Discrete Logarithms in Quadratic Orders   ps
    CORR 99-58

  32. G. Gong
    Discrepancy Transforms and their Applications   ps
    CORR 99-60

  33. S. Golomb, G. Gong and L. Mittenthal
    Constructions of Orthomorphisms of Z_2^n   ps
    CORR 99-61

  34. A. Youssef and G. Gong
    On the Interpolation Attacks on Block Ciphers   ps
    CORR 99-64