Technical Reports

2000 Technical Reports

  1. S. Blackburn and E. Teske
    Baby-Step Giant-Step Algorithms for Non-Uniform Distributions   ps
    CORR 2000-02

  2. E. Teske and H. Williams
    A Note on Shanks's Chain of Primes   ps
    CORR 2000-03

  3. C.Gunther, T. Lange and A. Stein
    Speeding up the Arithmetic on Koblitz Curves of Genus Two   ps
    CORR 2000-04

  4. S. Muller
    On the Security of a Williams Based Public Key Encryption Scheme   ps
    CORR 2000-05

  5. B. Masucci and D. Stinson
    Efficient Metering Schemes with Pricing   ps
    CORR 2000-06

  6. A. Enge and A. Stein
    Smooth Ideals in Hyperelliptic Function Fields   ps
    CORR 2000-08

  7. Y. Wang
    Using Mobile Agent Results to Create Hard-To-Detect Computer Viruses ps
    CORR 2000-11

  8. Y. Wang
    A Comparison of Two Approaches to Pseudorandomness   ps
    CORR 2000-12

  9. J. Staddon, D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Combinatorial Properties of Frameproof and Traceability Codes   ps
    CORR 2000-16

  10. C. Blundo, A. De Bonis, B. Masucci and D. Stinson
    Dynamic Multi-Threshold Metering Schemes   ps
    CORR 2000-18

  11. A. Youssef and G. Gong
    On the Quadratic Span of Binary Sequences   ps
    CORR 2000-20

  12. Barbara Masucci and Douglas R. Stinson
    Metering Schemes for General Access Structures   ps
    CORR 2000-21

  13. A. Youssef
    Cryptanalysis of the "Augmented Family of Cryptographic Parity Circuits" Proposed at ISW '97   ps
    CORR 2000-22

  14. R. Scheidler
    Reduction in Purely Cubic Function Fields of Unit Rank One   ps
    CORR 2000-26

  15. H. Wu
    On Complexity of Squaring Using Polynomial Basis in GF(2^m)   ps
    CORR 2000-27

  16. H. Wu
    Montgomery Multiplier and Squarer in GF(2^m)   ps
    CORR 2000-28

  17. A.M. Youssef
    Cryptanalysis of Imai and Matsumoto Scheme B Asymmetric Cryptosystem   ps
    CORR 2000-29

  18. G. Gong & A.M. Youssef
    On Welch-Gong Transformation Sequence Generators   ps
    CORR 2000-30

  19. Huapeng Wu
    On Computation of Polynomial Modular Reduction   ps
    CORR 2000-31

  20. Guang Gong
    New Designs for Signal Sets with Low Cross-correlation, Balance Property and Large Linear Span: GF(p) Case   ps
    CORR 2000-32

  21. Andreas Stein & Edlyn Teske
    The Parallelized Pollard Kangaroo Method in Real Quadratic Funciton Fields   ps
    CORR 2000-35

  22. Huapeng Wu
    On Modular Reduction   ps
    CORR 2000-36

  23. Robert Lambert
    Computational Aspects of Discrete Logarithms   ps
    Ph.D. Thesis for 1996

  24. Daniel R.L. Brown & Don B. Johnson
    Formal Security Proofs for a Signature Scheme with Partial Message Recovery   pdf
    CORR 2000-39

  25. Darrel Hankerson, Julio Lopez Hernandez & Alfred Menezes
    Software Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography over Binary Fields   ps
    CORR 2000-42

  26. Leon A. Pintsov & Scott A. Vanstone
    Postal Revenue Collection in the Digital Age   ps
    CORR 2000-43

  27. Gilles Brassard, Peter Hoyer, Michele Mosca & Alain Tapp
    Quantum Amplitude Amplification and Estimation   ps
    CORR 2000-44

  28. Wim van Dam, Frederic Magniez, Michele Mosca & Miklos Santha
    Self-Testing of Universal and Fault-Tolerant Sets of Quantum Gates   ps
    CORR 2000-45

  29. C. Blundo, B. Masucci, D.R. Stinson, & R. Wei
    Constructions and Bounds for Unconditionally Secure Commitment Schemes   ps
    CORR 2000-46

  30. Alfred Menezes & Minghua Qu
    Analysis of the Weil Descent Attack of Gaudry, Hess and Smart   ps
    CORR 2000-48

  31. S.S. Magliveras, D.R. Stinson & Tran van Trung
    New Approaches to Designing Public Key Cryptosystems Using One-Way Functions and Trap-Doors in Finite Groups   ps
    CORR 2000-49

  32. Palash Sarkar
    Spectral Domain Analysis of Correlation Immune and Resilient Boolean Functions   ps
    CORR 2000-50

  33. R. Gallant, R. Lambert, and S. Vanstone
    Faster Point Multiplication on Elliptic Curves with Efficient Endomorphisms   ps
    CORR 2000-53

  34. Daniel R.L. Brown
    The Exact Security of ECDSA   ps
    CORR 2000-54

  35. D.R.L. Brown, R. Gallant, and S.A. Vanstone
    Provably Secure Implicit Certificate Schemes   ps
    CORR 2000-55

  36. M. Brown, D. Hankerson, J. Lopez, and A. Menezes
    Software Implementation of the NIST Elliptic Curves Over Prime Fields   ps
    CORR 2000-56

  37. Guang Gong and Solomon W. Golomb
    The Decimation-Hadamard Transform of Two-Level Autocorrelation Sequences   ps
    CORR 2000-58

  38. Michael Ludkowski and Guang Gong
    Ternary Ideal 2-Level Autocorrelation Sequences   ps
    CORR 2000-59

  39. A.M. Youssef and G. Gong
    Cryptanalysis of a Public Key Cryptosystem Using Matrices Over a Ring   ps
    CORR 2000-60