Technical Reports

2002 Technical Reports

  1. K. Giuliani and G. Gong
    Generating Large Instances of the Gong-Harn Cryptosystem   ps
    CORR 2002-01

  2. P. Ebinger and E. Teske
    Factoring N = pq2 with the Elliptic Curve Method   ps
    CORR 2002-02

  3. T. Izu and T. Takagi
    A Fast Parallel Elliptic Curve Multiplication Resistant against Side Channel Attacks   ps
    CORR 2002-03

  4. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Obstacles to the Torsion-Subgroup Attack on the Decision Diffie-Hellman Problem   ps
    CORR 2002-05

  5. D. Brown
    Generic Groups, Collision Resistance, and ECDSA   ps
    CORR 2002-06

  6. L. Hernández Encinas and J. Muñoz Masqué
    Isomorphism Classes of Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 2 in Characteristic 5   ps
    CORR 2002-07

  7. P. Kaye
    A Logical Characterisation of the Computational Complexity Class BPP   ps
    CORR 2002-09

  8. J. Hinek, M. K. Low and E. Teske
    On Some Attacks on Multi-Prime RSA   ps
    CORR 2002-11

  9. A. Reyhani-Masoleh and A. Hasan
    Efficient Multiplication Beyond Optimal Normal Bases   ps
    CORR 2002-12

  10. C. Lam and G. Gong
    Randomness of Elliptic Curve Sequences   ps
    CORR 2002-18

  11. C. Lam, G. Gong and S. Vanstone
    Message Authentication Codes with Error Correcting Capabilities   ps
    CORR 2002-19

  12. G. Gong and H. Song
    Two-Tuple Balance of Non-Binary Sequences with Ideal Two-Level Autocorrelation   ps
    CORR 2002-20

  13. J. Kim, G. Gong and H. Song
    Trace Function Representation of Hall's Sextic Residue Sequences of Period p = 7 (mod 8)   ps
    CORR 2002-23

  14. G. Gong, A. Hasan, H. Wu and A. Youssef
    An Efficient Algorithm for Exponentiation in DH Key Exchange and DSA in Cubic Extension Fields   ps
    CORR 2002-27

  15. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    On Edit Distance Attack to Alternating Step Generator   ps
    CORR 2002-28

  16. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    Cryptanalysis of Stream Cipher - A Survey   ps
    CORR 2002-29

  17. S. Jiang and G. Gong
    The Editing Generator and Its Cryptanalysis   ps
    CORR 2002-30

  18. H. Lin
    Controlled Proxy-assisted Secure End-to-End Communication   ps
    CORR 2002-31

  19. Z. Dai, G. Gong and H. Song
    Trace Representation of Binary Jacobi Sequences   ps
    CORR 2002-32

  20. A. Daneshbeh and A. Hasan
    A class of scalable unidirectional bit serial systolic architectures for multiplicative inversion and division over GF(2^m)   ps
    CORR 2002-35