Technical Reports

2014 Technical Reports

  1. Y. Tan, K. Mandal and G. Gong
    Characterization of Column Parity Kernel and Differential Cryptanalysis of Keecak   pdf
    CACR 2014-01

  2. H. El-Razouk, A. Reyhani-Masoleh and G. Gong
    New Hardware Implementations of WG(29.11) and WG-13 Stream Ciphers Using Polynomial Basis   pdf
    CACR 2014-02

  3. G. Adj, A. Menezes, T. Oliveira and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Computing Discrete Logarithms in $F_{3^{6 \cdot 137}}$ and $F_{3^{6 \cdot 163}}$ Using Magma pdf
    CACR 2014-03

  4. C. Devet
    Detering Dishonest Behaviour in Private Information Retrieval pdf
    CACR 2014-04

  5. T. Wang, X. Cai, R. Nithyanand, R. Johnson and I. Goldberg
    Effective Attacks and Provable Defenses for Website Fingerprinting pdf
    CACR 2014-05

  6. J. Chung, G. Gong and K. Kang
    New Families of Optimal Frequency-Hopping Sequences of Composite Lengths pdf
    CACR 2014-06

  7. C. Devet and I. Goldberg
    The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Information-Theoretic and Computational PIR for Communication Efficiency pdf
    CACR 2014-07

  8. T. Elahi, G. Danezis and I. Goldberg
    PrivEx: Private Collection of Traffic Statistics for Anonymous Communication Networks pdf
    CACR 2014-08

  9. E. Zavattoni, L. Dominguez Perez, S. Mitsunari, A. Sanchez-Ramirez, T. Teruya and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Software Implementation of an Attribute Encryption Scheme pdf
    CACR 2014-09

  10. N. Borisov, G. Danezis and I. Goldberg
    DP5: A Private Presence Service pdf
    CACR 2014-10

  11. S. Chatterjee, K. Karabina and A. Menezes
    Fault Attacks on Pairing-Based Protocols pdf
    CACR 2014-11

  12. C. Carlet, G. Gong and Y. Tan
    Quadratic Zero-Difference Balanced Functions, APN Functions and Strongly Regular Graphs pdf
    CACR 2014-12

  13. L. Qu, Y. Tan. C. Li and G. Gong
    More Constructions of Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations on F_{2^{2k}} pdf
    CACR 2014-13

  14. G. Gong, K. Mandal, Y. Tan and T. Wu
    On the Multi-output Filtering Model and Its Applications pdf
    CACR 2014-14

  15. D. Jao and V. Soukharev
    Isogeny-Based Quantum-Resistant Undeniable Signatures pdf
    CACR 2014-15

  16. S. Zhu and G. Gong
    Fuzzy Authorization for Cloud Storage pdf
    CACR 2014-16

  17. M. Kaleem and G. Gong
    A Physical Layer DSB Enc Scheme for RFID Systems pdf
    CACR 2014-17

  18. S. Chatterjee and A. Menezes
    Type 2 Structure-Preserving Signature Schemes Revisited pdf
    CACR 2014-18

  19. W. Lueks and I. Goldberg
    Sublinear Scaling for Multi-Client Private Information Retrieval pdf
    CACR 2014-19

  20. R. Azarderakhsh, D. Fishbein and D. Jao
    Efficient Implementation of a Quantum-Resistant Key-Exchange Protocol on Embedded Systems pdf
    CACR 2014-20

  21. B. Zhang and G. Gong
    Randomness Properties of Stream Ciphers for Wireless Communications pdf
    CACR 2014-21

  22. J. Upadhyay
    Circulant Matrices and Differential Privacy pdf
    CACR 2014-22

  23. J. Upadhyay
    Differentially Private Linear Algebra in the Streaming Model pdf
    CACR 2014-23

  24. J.-F. Biasse, D. Jao and A. Sankar
    A Quantum Algorithm for Computing Isogenies Between Supersingular Elliptic Curves pdf
    CACR 2014-24

  25. J. Feng and G. Gong
    Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasures for WiFi-based Location Services and Applications pdf
    CACR 2014-25