ECC 2003 (slides from talks)

7th workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2003) (August 11-13, 2003)

Slides from some of the ECC 2003 talks:
  • Florian Hess
    The GHS attack revisited ps
  • Hugo Krawczyk
    Design and analysis of authenticated Diffie-Hellman protocols ppt
  • Tanja Lange
    Efficient arithmetic on (hyper-)elliptic curves over finite fields ps pdf
  • Reynald Lercier
    Algorithmic aspects of Mestre's p-adic point counting ideas pdf
  • Ben Lynn
    Applications of bilinear maps ps
  • William Martin
    High confidence software and systems, an NSA perspective ppt
  • Christof Paar
    Hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems for embedded applications pdf
  • John Proos
    Security in the presence of decryption failures ps pdf
  • Jean-Jacques Quisquater
    2 or 3 side-channels for ECC
  • Pankaj Rohatgi
    Power, EM and all that: Is your crypto device really secure? ppt
  • Victor Shoup
    Practical verifiable encryption and decryption of discrete logarithms pdf
  • Jerome A. Solinas
    ID-based digital signature algorithms pdf
  • Edlyn Teske
    Weak fields for ECC ps
  • Nicolas Theriault
    Index calculus attack for hyperelliptic curves of small genus ps pdf
  • Eran Tromer
    Hardware-based implementation of factoring algorithms ppt pdf
  • Annegret Weng
    Distribution of group orders of abelian varieties ps

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