1998 Technical Reports

1998 Technical Reports

  1. D.R. Stinson, T. van Trung and R. Wei
    Secure Frameproof Codes, Key Distribution Patterns, Group Testing Algorithms and Related Structures   ps
    CORR 98-01

  2. D.R. Stinson and R. Wei
    An Application of Ramp Schemes to Broadcast Encryption   ps
    CORR 98-02

  3. L. Law, A. Menezes, M. Qu, J. Solinas and S. Vanstone
    An Efficient Protocol for Authenticated Key Agreement   ps pdf
    CORR 98-05

  4. A. Lauder
    Polynomials with Odd Orthogonal Multiplicity   ps
    CORR 98-07

  5. R. Gallant, R. Lambert and S. Vanstone
    Improving the Parallelized Pollard Lambda Search on Binary Anomalous Curves   ps
    CORR 98-15

  6. S. Blackburn, S. Blake-Wilson, M. Burmester and S. Galbraith
    Shared Generation of Shared RSA Keys   ps
    CORR 98-19

  7. G. Ateniese, C. Blundo, A. De Santis and D. Stinson
    Extended Capabilities for Visual Cryptography   ps
    CORR 98-25

  8. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Key Preassigned Traceability Schemes for Broadcast Encryption   ps
    CORR 98-26

  9. C. Blundo, P. D'Arco, A. De Santis and D. Stinson
    Contrast Optimal Threshold Visual Cryptography Systems   ps
    CORR 98-27

  10. R. Scheidler and A. Stein
    Voronoi's Algorithm in Purely Cubic Congruence Function Fields of Unit Rank 1   ps
    CORR 98-28

  11. G. Gong and S. Golomb
    Transform Domain Analysis of DES   ps
    CORR 98-36

  12. G. Gong, S. Golomb and Z. Duo Dai
    Cyclic Inequivalence of Cascaded GMW-Sqeuences   ps
    CORR 98-37

  13. G. Gong and S. Golomb
    Periodic Binary Sequences with the "Trinomial Property"   ps
    CORR 98-38

  14. W.T. Tutte
    FISH and I   ps pdf
    CORR 98-39

  15. G. Gong and S. Golomb
    Hadamard Transforms of Three-Term Sequences   ps
    CORR 98-41

  16. S. Blake-Wilson and A. Menezes
    Unkown Key-Share Attacks on the Station-to-Station (STS) Protocol   ps
    CORR 98-42

  17. D. Stinson
    Some Observations on All-or-Nothing Transforms   ps
    CORR 98-43

  18. S. Gao
    Absolute Irreducibility of Polynomials via Newton Polytopes   ps
    CORR 98-46

  19. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Bibliography on Authentication Codes   ps
    CORR 98-49

  20. D. Stinson and R. Wei
    Bibliography on Secret Sharing Schemes   ps
    CORR 98-50

  21. E. Teske
    Better Random Walks for Pollard's Rho Method   ps
    CORR 98-52

  22. G. Gong, T. Berson and D. Stinson
    Elliptic Curve Pseudorandom Sequence Generators   ps
    CORR 98-53