Technical Reports

2004 Technical Reports

  1. M. Bauer, E. Teske and A. Weng
    Point Counting on Picard Curves in Large Characteristic   ps
    CORR 2004-02

  2. M. Jason Hinek
    (Very) Large RSA Private Exponent Vulnerabilities   ps pdf
    CACR 2004-01

  3. M. Jason Hinek
    New Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA Revisited   ps pdf
    CACR 2004-02

  4. Y. Kim, H. Song and G. Gong,
    Crosscorrelation of q-ary Power Residue Sequences of Period p is Upper Bounded by sqrt(p)+2   pdf
    CORR 2004-07

  5. J. Muir and D. Stinson
    Minimality and Other Properties of the Width-w Nonadjacent Form   ps pdf
    CORR 2004-08

  6. J. Muir and D. Stinson
    Alternative Digit Sets for Nonadjacent Representations   ps pdf
    CORR 2004-09

  7. A. Reyhani-Masoleh and A. Hasan
    Low Complexity Word-Level Sequential Normal Basis Multipliers   ps
    CORR 2004-14

  8. O. Ahmadi and A. Menezes
    On the Number of Trace-One Elements in Polynomial Bases for F 2n   pdf
    CORR 2004-16

  9. G. Gong
    On Existence and Invariant of Algebraic Atatcks   pdf
    CORR 2004-17

  10. J. Muir and D. Stinson
    New Minimal Weight Representations for Left-to-Right Window Methods   ps pdf
    CORR 2004-19

  11. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at "Provable Security"   pdf
    CORR 2004-20

  12. K. Hoeper and G. Gong
    Models of Authentication in Ad Hoc Networks and Their Related Network Properties   pdf
    CACR 2004-03

  13. A. Reyhani-Masoleh
    Efficient Algorithms and Architectures for Field Multiplication Using Gaussian Normal Bases   ps
    CACR 2004-04

  14. J. Chung and A. Hasan
    Security Analysis of XTR Exponentiation Algorithms Against Simple Power Analysis Attack   pdf
    CACR 2004-05

  15. J. Lutz and A. Hasan
    High Performance Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Co-processor   ps
    CACR 2004-06

  16. A. Menezes and E. Teske
    Cryptographic Implications of Hess' Generalized GHS Attack   pdf
    CORR 2004-25

  17. A. Sárközy and C. Stewart
    On the Pseudorandomness in Families of Sequences Derived from the Legendre Symbol   pdf
    CACR 2004-07

  18. J. Muir and D. Stinson
    On the Low Hamming Weight Discrete Logarithm Problem for Nonadjacent Representations   pdf
    CORR 2004-27

  19. M. Jason Hinek
    Lattice Attacks in Cryptography: A Partial Overview   pdf ps
    CACR 2004-08

  20. O. Ahmadi
    The Trace Spectra of Polynomial Bases for F2n   pdf
    CORR 2004-28

  21. X. X. Chen and C. Gebotys
    Simple Power Analysis Threat in Embedded Devices?   pdf
    CACR 2004-09

  22. D. Brown and R. Gallant
    The Static Diffie-Hellman Problem   ps
    CACR 2004-10

  23. P. Gaudry, N. Thériault and E. Thomé
    A Double Large Prime Variation for Small Genus Hyperelliptic Index Calculus   ps   pdf
    CORR 2004-29

  24. C. Gebotys
    Third Order Differential Analysis and a Split Mask Countermeasure for Low Energy Embedded Processors   pdf
    CACR 2004-11

  25. R. Dahab, D. Hankerson, F. Hu, M. Long, J. López and A. Menezes
    Software Multiplication using Normal Bases   pdf
    CACR 2004-12