CACR: Technical Reports

Technical Reports

2011 Technical Reports

  1. C. Lam, M. Aagaard and G. Gong
    Hardware Implementations of Multi-output Welch-Gong Ciphers   pdf
    CACR 2011-01

  2. A. Childs, D. Jao and V. Soukharev
    Constructing Elliptic Curve Isogenies in Quantum Subexponential Time   pdf
    CACR 2011-02

  3. C. Moreno and M. Anwar Hasan
    SPA-Resistant Binary Exponentiation with Optimal Execution Time   pdf
    CACR 2011-03

  4. R. Henry, F. Olumofin and I. Goldberg
    Practical PIR for Electronic Commerce   pdf
    CACR 2011-04

  5. P. Mittal, F. Olumofin, C. Troncoso, N. Borisov and I. Goldberg
    PIR-Tor: Scalable Anonymous Communication Using Private Information Retrieval   pdf
    CACR 2011-05

  6. M. AlSabah, K. Bauer, I. Goldberg, D. Grunwald, D. McCoy, S. Savage and G. Voelker
    DefenestraTor: Throwing out Windows in Tor   pdf
    CACR 2011-06

  7. J. Taverne, A. Faz-Hernandez, D. Aranha, F. Rodriguez-Henriquez, D. Hankerson and J. Lopez
    Software Implementation of Binary Elliptic Curves: Impact of the Carry-less Multiplier on Scalar Multiplication   pdf
    CACR 2011-07

  8. H. Hu and G. Gong
    Periods on Two Kinds of Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers with Time Varying Feedback Functions   pdf
    CACR 2011-08

  9. S. Chatterjee, A. Menezes and B. Ustaoglu
    A Generic Variant of NIST's KAS2 Key Agreement Protocol   pdf
    CACR 2011-09

  10. M. Juliato and C. Gebotys
    FPGA Implementation of an HMAC Processor based on the SHA-2 Family of Hash Functions   pdf
    CACR 2011-10

  11. I. Goldberg, D. Stebila and B. Ustaoglu
    Anonymity and One-Way Authenatication in Key Exchange Protocols   pdf
    CACR 2011-11

  12. K Bauer, M. Sherr, D. McCoy and D. Grunwald
    ExperimenTor: A Testbed for Safe and Realistic Tor Experimentation   pdf
    CACR 2011-12

  13. C. Moreno and M. Anwar Hasan
    Fast SPA-Resistant Exponentiation Through Simultaneous Processing of Half-Exponents     pdf
    CACR 2011-13

  14. Q. Chai, X. Fan and G. Gong
    An Ultra-Efficient Key Recovery Attack on the Lightweight Stream Cipher A2U2     pdf
    CACR 2011-14

  15. Z. Hu, P. Longa and M. Xu
    Implementing 4-Dimensional GLV Method on GLS Elliptic Curves with j-Invariant 0     pdf
    CACR 2011-15

  16. G. Gong, F. Huo and Y. Yang
    Large Zero Autocorrelation Zone of Golay Sequences and 4q-QAM Golay Complementary Sequences     pdf
    CACR 2011-16

  17. S. Brânzei, T. Elahi and I. Goldberg
    Local Anonymity: A Metric for Improving User Privacy in Tor     pdf
    CACR 2011-17

  18. A. Hamel, J-C. Grégoire and I. Goldberg
    The Mis-entropists: New Approaches to Measures in Tor     pdf
    CACR 2011-18

  19. J. Day, Y. Huang, E. Knapp and I. Goldberg
    SPEcTRe: Spot-checked Private Ecash Tolling at Roadside     pdf
    CACR 2011-19

  20. T. Wang, K. Bauer, C. Forero and I. Goldberg
    Congestion-aware Path Selection for Tor     pdf
    CACR 2011-20

  21. R. Smits, D. Jain, S. Pidcock, I. Goldberg and U. Hengartner
    SPATor: Improving Tor Bridges with Single Packet Authorization     pdf
    CACR 2011-21

  22. Q. Chai and G. Gong
    Verifiable Symmetric Searchable Encryption for Semi-honest-but-curious Cloud Services     pdf
    CACR 2011-22

  23. A. Alkhoraidly and M. Anwar Hasan
    Adaptive Error Recovery for Transient Faults in Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication     pdf
    CACR 2011-23

  24. S. Pidcock, R. Smits, U. Hengartner and I. Goldberg
    NotiSense: An Urban Sensing Notification System To Improve Bystander Privacy     pdf
    CACR 2011-24

  25. N. Koblitz and A. Menezes
    Another Look at Security Definitions     pdf
    CACR 2011-25

  26. L. Fuentes-Castaneda, E. Knapp and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Faster Hashing to G2     pdf
    CACR 2011-26

  27. S. Chaterjee, A. Menezes and P. Sarkar
    Another Look at Tightness     pdf
    CACR 2011-27

  28. A. Barsoum and M. Anwar Hasan
    On Verifying Dynamic Multiple Data Copies over Cloud Servers     pdf
    CACR 2011-28

  29. M. AlSabah, K. Bauer, T. Elahi and I. Goldberg
    The Path Less Travelled: Overcoming Tor's Bottlenecks with Multipaths     superceded by Technical Report CACR 2013-16
    CACR 2011-29

  30. M. Cenk, C. Negre and M. Anwar Hasan
    Improved Three-Way Split Formulas for Binary Polynomial and Toeplitz Matrix Vector Products     pdf
    CACR 2011-30

  31. K. Bibak
    Additive Combinatorics with a View Towards Computer Science and Cryptography: An Exposition     pdf
    CACR 2011-31

  32. D. Jao and L. De Feo
    Towards Quantum-Resistant Cryptosystems from Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogenies     pdf
    CACR 2011-32

  33. P. Tysowski and M. Anwar Hasan
    Towards Secure Communication for Highly Scalable Mobile Applications in Cloud Computing Systems     pdf
    CACR 2011-33

  34. B. Zhu and G. Gong
    Guess-then-Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on the KTANTAN Family of Block Ciphers     pdf
    CACR 2011-34

  35. G. Gong
    A Closer Look at Selective DFT Attacks     pdf
    CACR 2011-35