Technical Reports

2016 Technical Reports

  1. Y. Tan and G. Gong
    Schemes, Codes and Quadratic Zero-Difference Balanced Functions   pdf
    CACR 2016-01

  2. K. Mandal, Y. Tan, T. Wu and G. Gong
    A Comprehensive Security Analysis of the TUAK Algorithm Set   pdf
    CACR 2016-02

  3. R. Azarderakhsh, D. Fishbein, G. Grewal, S. Hu, D. Jao, P. Longa, and R. Verma
    Fast Software Implementations of Bilinear Pairings   pdf
    CACR 2016-03

  4. V. Soukharev, D. Jao, and S. Seshadri
    Post-Quantum Security Models for Authenticated Encryption   pdf
    CACR 2016-04

  5. C. Bocovich and I. Goldberg
    Slitheen: Perfectly Imitated Decoy Routing Through Traffic Replacement   pdf
    CACR 2016-05

  6. N. Unger and I. Goldberg
    Improved Strongly Deniable Authenticated Key Exchanges for Secure Messaging   pdf
    CACR 2016-06

  7. N. Unger, S. Thandra and I. Goldberg
    Elxa: Scalable Privacy-Preserving Plagiarism Detection   pdf
    CACR 2016-07

  8. N. Esfahani and D. Stinson
    A List of Close to AONT Matrices Found by Computer Search   pdf
    CACR 2016-08