Technical Reports

2017 Technical Reports

  1. T. Wu, Y. Tan, K. Mandal and G. Gong
    On the Multi-Output Filtering Model and Its Applications   pdf
    CACR 2017-01

  2. Y. Yoo, R. Azarderakhsh, A. Jalali, D. Jao, and V. Soukharev
    A Post-Quantum Digital Signature Scheme Based on Supersingular Isogenies   pdf
    CACR 2017-02

  3. C. Bocovich and I. Goldberg
    The Road Not Taken: Secure Asymmetry and Deployability for Decoy Routing Systems   pdf
    CACR 2017-03

  4. R. AlTawy, R. Rohit, M. He, K. Mandal, G. Yang and G. Gong
    sLISCP: Simeck-based Permutations for Lightweight Sponge Cryptographic Primitives   pdf
    CACR 2017-04

  5. R. AlTawy, M. ElSheikh, A. Youssef and G. Gong
    Lelantos: A Blockchain-based Anonymous Physical Delivery System   pdf
    CACR 2017-05

  6. R. Rohit, R. AlTawy and G. Gong
    MILP-based Cube Attack on the Reduced-Round WG-5 Lightweight Stream Cipher   pdf
    CACR 2017-06

  7. Y. Chen, B. Case, S. Gao and G. Gong
    Error Analysis of Weak Poly-LWE Instances   pdf
    CACR 2017-07

  8. Y. Chen, Y. Tan and G. Gong
    New Bounds and Constructions of Weak Systematic Algebraic Modification Detection Codes   pdf
    CACR 2017-08