ECC '99 (slides from talks)

3rd workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC '99) (November 1-3, 1999)

Slides from some of the ECC '99 talks (postscript files):
  • Michele Abdalla
    DHIES: An encryption scheme based on the Diffie-Hellman problem.
    Postscript (1586k), Pdf (1201k).
  • Mihir Bellare
    Practice-oriented provable-security: How to protect yourself against un-anticipated attacks
    Postscript (930k)
    Mihir has an introductory paper on practice-oriented provable-security on his web page.
  • Simon Blake-Wilson
    Key establishment protocls and the Diffie-Hellman problem
    Postscript (268k)
  • Steven Galbraith
    Some open problems relating to the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP)
    Postscript (174k)
  • Robert Gallant
    Faster elliptic curve cryptography using efficient endomorphisms
    Postscript (805k)
  • Philippe Golle
    Authenticating streamed data in the presence of random packet loss.
  • Dan Gordon
    Fast exponentiation methods.
    Postscript (113k)
  • Arjen Lenstra
    Selecting cryptographic key sizes
    Word (91k). Full paper: Word (325k).
  • Reynald Lercier
    State-of-the art in implementing algorithms for the (ordinary) discrete logarithm problem.
    Postscript (1566k)
  • Michele Mosca
    Capabilities and limitations of quantum computers.
    Powerpoint (1746k)
  • Christof Paar
    Implementation options for finite field arithmetic for elliptic curve cryptosystems. Postscript (2658k), Compressed Postscript (366k)
  • Jerome A. Solinas
    Efficient implementation of Koblitz curves and generalized Mersenne arithmetic.
    Postscript (530k)
  • Andreas Stein
    Recent developments in hyperelliptic curve cryptography
    Postscript (347k)
  • Jacques Stern
    Secure design of discrete log signature schemes
    Postscript (1149k)
  • Edlyn Teske
    The parallelized kangaroo method
    Postscript (277k)
  • Stefan Wolf
    How secure is the Diffie-Hellman protocol?
    The slides are unavailable (they were handwritten). Related papers can be found here.

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